Tina Torres

For any of you who frequent my site, you know by now that politics is a passion of mine. My Father is an attorney and ran for District Attorney as well as Judicial District Court Judge in the 399th, when I was a child. Having that history, as well as working at his law firm for several years now, I am constantly surrounded by the justice system.

With that said, I am pleased to announce my assistance with Tina Torres and her campaign for Judge in the 288th District Court. Myself, along with 9 others, will be a part of her steering committee.

For more information on Tina Torres, please visit her website, by clicking here.

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3 comments to “Tina Torres Campaign”

  1. Claudia McGuire

    I’m so happy to hear that you’ve taken on this wonderful new project! Ms. Torres is lucky to have you on her committee. I can’t wait to learn more about Ms. Torres credentials and political views, I’m sure if your backing her she’s an extraordinary person!

  2. Delisi Araceli

    Thank you Claudia!

  3. frankmenchaca

    where do i make a campaign contribution


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