Last night I spent the evening throughout San Antonio, at the various primary election events in the city. I witnessed many things last night first hand.

1.) Choco Meza said it best when she said, “There are no losers tonight. What we do next is what makes us winners.” She is an amazing woman and one I will always support in all of her endeavors.

2.) Sometimes the incumbent will lose in a primary and it will shock you. Last night Judge Michael Mery was defeated for his seat as Judge of County Court at Law #12. I know Judge Mery personally and he is an amazing man with wonderful values and work ethic. I have nothing negative at all to say about Mr. Garcia who won the election last night, whom I had the opportunity to meet last night, however I was shocked by the outcome.

3.) I understand why my Father will not run again. Running a campaign is stressful, having a great campaign staff is critical and being active campaigning can be draining not just on the politician but also their family. Last night I could have cut the tension in the air with a butter knife.

I admire everyone who was in the primary election and their staff. Working on the Tina Torres campaign has taught me a lot. Helping Judge Guerrero get re-elected for County Court at Law #7 has also opened my eyes. One day, I hope I can use all of my first hand experience for my own campaign. Until then, I am but a sponge soaking in all of this information and experiences, who now more than ever, admires everything my Father is and stands for.

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