Damaris Duarte 08-26-10

Yes, the picture above is of my little sister Damaris. Those of you in San Antonio who follow my Twitter or are my friend on Facebook know why this picture is now a hot topic.

Recently my sister was kicked out of school for her hair. That’s right her hair. Do you see anything wrong with it? I sure don’t, but apparently NISD does. They’re stating it’s distracting and against school policy for her to have the blonde in her brunette hair. With the help of my friend Delaine a reporter for News 4 WOAI, we were able to make this issue public. Click here for the link to the first news story on Damaris.

Now we have taken our fight against this ridiculous issue to the NISD board. This week we attended the NISD board meeting and my mom confronted the board about the problems we had with this. Click here for the link to the second news story on Damaris. Unfortunately we won’t get a result right away. Now we wait and see if this will be on the agenda for the NISD board next meeting.

We will fight this until the school hand book has made a change to their hair policy. How is it that a school district can kick my perfect honor student AND NHS officer sister out of school for blonde in her hair? Why is it that there is a girl in her first period with PINK, but Damaris’ hair is distracting?! Seems to me her Principal wants to pick and choose who this rule applies to and who it does not. We will not go down without a fight. I can guarantee that. If blonde is distracting then perhaps half her high school should be sent home.

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One comment to “Our NISD Hot Topic”

  1. Mike

    This is the most ridiculous travesty to common sanity that I’ve seenin a long time! Hair color?! What would it matter even if her hair were the color of the rainbow? Apparently the principal has an intentional misunderstanding of ‘distracting’ and how it applies to fellow students and staff. It’s not like she was wearing thin spandex shorts/tights and showing off her goods, now THAT would qualify as ‘distracting’. ….but hair? As a guy I can tell you most of us don’t even *notice* a persons hair outside of the first time we meet them, or if their haircut, etc., was drastic enough for us to even notice there was a change.

    Dyed it orange last night? Wow! Noticed that! Next day though it’s off my radar. I think it more *highly likely* that the principal was discreetly flirting with her and/or trying to get her attention and she either ignored him/her or brushed him/her off (if she even noticed) and THAT is the real reason behind this blatant attack.

    I feel that the school needs to be SUED, not for the money but because the only way to get an ernest response is to hit them HARD in the pocketbook. Then it will become immediately important to resolve. …that and dumping it on the door step of every media outlet in a 500 mile radius.

    Might be enjoyable to rake up some donations and hire a private investigator to dig into the principal’s life and turn *his/her* world upside down! 😉


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